Some people get confused by the terms MILF and Mature, often a MILF will be in the 30-50 range, while Mature may be older with white hairs and maybe wrinkles, but there can be a lot of overlap.  That is why the 30-50 category was created, for the surfers who are specifically looking for women of that age range, perhaps not being into the over 50s or just not after seeing them on this particular occasion.  Also a MILF is normally attractive, whereas 30-50 doesn’t specify whether the lady is attractive or not, similar to the way that Mature doesn’t.  However, while we can analyze all these terms it’s worth noting that there will always be overlap, many people were not paying attention to detail when they decided what category to use.  So it’s often worth surfing through all of these similar categories to help you find someone that you like.
It is worth noting that the Urban Dictionary describes the term MILF as meaning “women above a certain aged (30 or 40+)” and also it specifies that they are “deemed to be sexually attractive”.

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