What is a cougar some will ask?  And you can be sure they are not asking about the North and South American variety of large cats.  According to the Urban Dictionary the term cougar means “An older woman who frequents clubs in order to score with a much younger man.”  It also states that cougars are gaining in popularity, especially the hottest ones, which does make sense and probably wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out.  It then goes on to say that “as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together”, which now is starting to explain why going for a cougar is in fact a very logical decision to make.  Anyway, whatever your reason for chasing cougars or wanting to have these sexy felines stalking you, here we have the cams, we are the central location for cougar webcam hotties, you’ll find them all here.  Some of these cougars will be very keen to get to know you, whether you are younger than them or older, they will love your attention and been keen to give you a show.  A quick tip, which may be obvious to some of you, it’s a must to give these ladies compliments, they love it, especially as some of them are starting to feel a bit insecure that some younger women may be prettier or sexier than them.  You can learn how to play these lovely cougar ladies by telling them how irresistible you find them and they will do almost anything that you ask of them.  Some of the ladies you can see here now will be performing live on their cams as you read this, others will be online tomorrow or later this week, it’s well worth checking out to see who is online and we can do our best to keep you updated too.

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